Luka Sabbat Makes A Cameo in New Persol “Good Point, Well Made” Campaign

A new collection & campaign.

Launching their new collection of sunglasses, popular eyewear brand Persol has tapped youth icon, Luka Sabbat, as well Director Gia Copolla and Netflix star Brandon Flynn to feature in the brands live event to launch their “Good Point, Well Made” campaign.

Revealing a new nine-piece collection, the social event highlighted the three talent creatives points of view on social issues, fashion culture and entertainment. Luka Sabbat commented on the state of change within the culture, the internet and how to make an impact in culture without selling out, he said

“I’m just here to change culture and do it as big as I can, proving that you can be a young creative and be taken seriously and do things the proper way on a larger scale. You don’t have always to sell yourself out.” Speaking on the internet, the fashion model declared “One day people are going to realize we need something more substantial than the internet.”

Alongside Sabbat, film writer and director Gia Coppola and Brandon Flynn who plays “Justin Foley” in the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” provided commentary on writing processes and the significance of Pride.

See images from the “Good Point, Well Made” campaign below:


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