5 Moncler Announces Craig Green Collaboration

By August 23, 2018Fashion News

Moncler Genius.

Moncler recently launched a new collection of puffer jackets, in collaboration with famed London-based menswear designer Craig Green.

Focusing on issues that are closely linked to the human condition, Green creates a collection filled with overblown, sculptural shapes with cubic elements and a sense of function. Drawing inspiration from floatation devices and life-saving rafts, Green looks to rewrite the dialogue between the body and clothing, working exclusively with fabrics like matte nylon and cotton for a collection of puffer jackets, gilets, sweatshirts and duffle bags. A collection with a radical presence, Green takes makes pieces look gigantic but yet very light, turning looks into soft contemporary amours, with hoods that conceal faces. With an uncompromising palette of white, black and midnight blue.

You can shop the 5 Moncler Craig Green collection now on the Moncler Webstore. See some of the collection in the images below:

Moncler Craig Green

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