COLLUSION*: A New-to-market Label For The Coming of Age

By September 7, 2018Fashion News

A brand for the coming of age.

Created and curated for a coming of age audience that’s demanding something different from the fashion industry, COLLUSION* is a label that’s re-thinking fashion categorization and offering a new gender-fluid concept of affordable fashion.

With the backing of a global fashion authority, ASOS, COLLUSION is the brainchild of six young students from different creative backgrounds – each with their own influential online views. Anchoring their proposition on the ideals of collaboration, inclusivity and experimentation, COLLUSION* is set to be a living, breathing label that’s constantly evolving and targeting a new generation who will reshape and reimagine what COLLUSION is.

On a mission to create an authentic and vibrant wardrobe that speaks directly to the brand and generation Z, COLLUSION officially launches on the 1st October 2018 with a national campaign which will also serve as poignant artwork and a social experiment. Capturing 100 18-year-olds who live in Britain, the campaign will spotlight their hometowns of London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Brighton, and highlight each of their unique stories.

The campaign will be created by British creatives led by director Dan Emmerson and photographed by Tom Sloan. See the campaign images below:

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