Zara Aims to use 100% Sustainable Fabrics by 2025

By July 17, 2019Fashion News

Zara's Eco Promises.

As increasing amounts of pressure from consumers has brands taking more responsibility for their environmental policies than ever before, Zara recently announced plans to make their collections 100% sustainable by 2025 among other eco-friendly initiatives to roll out over the coming years.

Speaking to their shareholders, the company highlighted that while only 20% of their current collections are made from sustainable fabrics, they aim to make the vast leap in sustainability in six years with moves spearheaded by a new board of directors to ensure its success.

Alongside this, they committed further to reducing their carbon footprint with plans to reducing single-use plastic, re-circulating hangers alongside other changes that should, not only make all their 7,500 stores eco-efficient by the end of 2019, but make them a more sustainable company overall. Zara owner Inditex commented on the news to WWD:

“We need to be a force for change, not only in the company but in the whole sector… We are the ones establishing these targets”

Thoughts? Is Zara paving the way for bigger changes in the industry?

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