Hyein Seo Continues to Focus on Function in Latest Collection

By September 7, 2020Fashion News

Practical winter-wear.

A favourite of tech-wear enthusiasts, South Korean label Hyein Seo has unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.

Comprised of technical garments that are offered in muted black and grey tones, there is a range of waterproof jackets, utility vests and wide-legged trousers for the menswear option. This utilitarian selection includes a focus on practicality as pieces are designed with multiple pockets, space for movement and technical fabrics.

For the womenswear, tight-fitting pieces create a sporty look, with there being some exploration of deconstructionism in the holes that are stencil-cut into many of the tops.

Check out the full collection below and go to the Hyein Seo website to shop the selection.

PHOTO CREDIT: @hyeinseo

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