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What’s the tea? Well, it seems to be OFFBLAK.

A new tea brand to the U.K. It has modern twists on classic and familiars flavours.

Aimed at generation z, there are eye-catching designs and packaging to match

these flavours like strawberry and pink pepper, illustrated by  Thomas Hedger.


Split into four categories, there is something to sip on for every mood.

Glow, chill out, fully charged and caff free. They have fun titles like Just Dessert or Downtime.

You can even try before you buy. Simply log onto

to order your sample.

They also offer a discovery set that includes the entire range in 24 teas in 12 flavours (£14.98).

The pyramid bags are individually wrapped which is great for freshness as well as travelling.

I threw some into my travel bag for a recent trip!


My office loves these. Jasmine and orange is my personal favourite.

It’s fruity and fresh which is great as a Summer hot drink in the shade.


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