PAUSE Picks: Vasti Nico Presents his Essential Items

By July 1, 2020PAUSE Guide

With a style that incorporates unique vintage garments alongside occasional high-end and highstreet items, Nico has been documenting his style on Instagram and Youtube. Often rocking brightly-coloured shirts, flowy trousers and formal footwear, he captures the audacious energy of 80s fashion and brings it into a modern scope with his penchant for bold silver jewellery.

Shop Nico’s summer-essentials below!

Asos Loafers

I recently started to experiment with new styles and that’s when I came upon these. It’s honestly such a great piece for my classy looks.


The Silverstone Necklace

Silver jewellery is a must for me as it finishes up any of my looks, and this Silverstone piece makes it possible as well as looking unique.


Vintage Trousers

Thrifts and 2nd hands stores are home to many of these beautiful vintage bottoms. Like this cream coloured pant that I cannot stop wearing this summer.


Uniqlo Tank Top

My MUST-HAVE this summer. I love layering it with button-ups to give off that ultimate summer look along with accessories.


Converse Chuck Taylor

I don’t own many colored shoes and recently just started stocking up for more, like this green chucks. I’m in love with the color green this season and this satisfies my needs for it. 


Louis Vuitton Side Bag

Another essential I use every summer as it packs your everyday needs like phone, wallet, chapstick, etc. Also love styling it when I’m wearing any cream outfits.


Silverstone Earrings

Along with rings and necklaces, I, of course, need to also add my earrings to any outfits I wear. Yes, I’m a junkie for accessories.


Club Fantasy Tracksuit

This set is my GO-TO to wear when I travel, it is unbelievably cosy along with the amazing colours it carries, so you still look good while travelling.


Vintage Shirt

My closet is full of bright button-ups like this one. They’re essential for me. I love pairing it with slim tank tops.


COS Drop Shoulder T-Shirt

I tend to wear more minimal rings during the summer and this does the job for me, keeping it simple and I also love the way you can stack and wear em in the same finger.


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